To help us delivery a quality experience, we use fibre optic broadband complete with signal boosters. Internet broadband strength may vary from area to area over which we have no control. You are responsible for ensuring that your device and internet connection are fully functioning for the duration of your live session. Make sure your device is compatible with zoom and you have a fully functioning web cam/camera and microphone.

Once you have selected a time and date for your live experience and purchased your tickets they are automatically withdrawn from sale and are now yours. Tickets at this stage can not be altered, changed, exchanged or refunded. We would urge you when selecting your time and date that you are 100% certain. We would ask you to connect with zoom up to 5 mins before your time slot. Unfortunately you cannot be 1 minute late and this could result in you losing your time slot.

It is very important that you use the Zoom account for the time slot with the same zoom account you made the booking with. Do not share you’re your Zoom link with any other party as this could result in causing a problem for your own Zoom account.

An Post recommend minimum of 3 working days for delivery of Santa Certificates  and  letters and are responsible for the delivery of same.


Using the guidelines set by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) giving all EU citizens and residents more control over how their data are stored. We want to confirm that we do not share your information or contact details with other parties. We would like to contact you directly ourselves with and offers we may have in the future pertaining to If you want us to delete your details please let us know via e mail: [email protected]