How can I send my photos?

You can send them by e mail. [email protected] If you prefer to use what’s app or some other method,
please contact us and we will work it out for you

How long does it take to receive my order?

Christmas is of course a very busy time, but it usually takes 2 days

How are the Baubles packed?

All Baubles are packed in a bubble jiffy bag

How are the ‘Good List’ certificates packed when delivered?

All certificates are flat in a large cardboard backed envelope and marked “Do Not Bend’

Are there pictures on both sides of the Baubles?

Yes, we put your photo on both sides of the spinning bauble.

Do you post overseas?

Yes, please e-mail us with your destination and we will get you a price immediately.

Is postage free anywhere in Ireland?

Yes, anywhere in Ireland including N. Ireland

How long is each live session?

Each live session lasts a maximum of 10 mins

Do I need a laptop for my SantaLive session?

We recommend you use a device with a large screen. You can use Tablets,  Mobile phones, Laptops as long as they have a functioning camera and microphone

Do I need an internet connection for my Santa live session?


Can I make a booking by telephone?

All bookings must be made online. Please e mail us if you need assistance

How many Children are allowed per Santa Live session?

Santa recommends a maximum of 4 children so each child will get enough time talk to Santa and ask him their questions.

Can I have more than 4 children at a Live Santa session?

Yes, please send us an e mail in advance with details